About Us

PBNJ was established in 2001, shortly after the dot-com crash. The founders, Phill Hodgkinson and Andy Krsic, who bring over 30 years of combined experience in the IT industry, learned from the dot-com craze that only technology that performs a practical function has any value. More importantly, this technology needs to be reliable and secure.

PBNJ Consulting was founded with the sole objective of bringing top quality, professional and reliable IT services, computer support and web solutions to businesses in the GTA. We cater specifically to the organizations that might not ordinarily have access to high quality IT support they really need for their operations and growth. In addition, we offer application and web development to those same organizations that also require web presence to reach out to their customers, or need a customized application for their internal operations.

This idea has paid off. Since its inception, PBNJ has grown considerably and now provides on-demand and managed IT support and services, as well as internet and web solutions to dozens of customers in the GTA, but also nationally in provinces of Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

PBNJ has deployed and continues to maintain IT Infrastructures of all sizes. They range from a 5 computer LAN, to wide-area networks that span all of southern Ontario, or reach across Canada. We have created numerous websites, from simple static designs to complex and dynamic CMS based sites. Our clients include large real-estate organizations, as well businesses of all sizes in the financial, retail and medical fields among others. We also hold a special place for Non-profit organizations, and continue to work with numerous charities in the Toronto area.