IT Support Services

  • Outsourced IT Department

PBNJ provides all of the services that an in-house IT department would offer and much more. We supply high level IT support with 24/7 availability and our experienced technicians offer a widespread set of skills required to maintain your IT infrastructure.

Many organizations have numerous reasons why not to carry their own IT Support staff. They range from high costs, to inadequate availability, limited skill sets, and others. With our wide range of knowledge in different types of technologies, be it email, networking and remote access, databases, backups and security, disaster recovery, end-user software, SOX compliance and many others, you can rest assured that all of your IT needs will be looked after. We have many customizable support plans which will keep your IT operations costs to a minimum, without compromising the quality of your support and service.

  • On-Site Support

Each client that PBNJ supports will have assigned technical representatives to cover their day-to-day IT needs. Based on requirements, these delegates will schedule reoccurring on-site visits, and perform the necessary IT tasks on a regular basis.

With regular visitations, PBNJ’s technicians will acquire intimate knowledge of your IT infrastructure, and proactively address any IT issues that may arise. In addition, “face time” with your users will help us absorb the needs of every individual within your organization, but also give us a better sense of how your organization operates as a whole and what is important for your business to thrive. Information Systems are relevant to, and support all areas of your business, and building personal relationship with users from each part of your organization is critical for success. PBNJ is not just another face-less IT company.

  • Remote Support

Waiting for an on-site technician to deal with your IT issues is not always a viable option. As a result PBNJ employs numerous methods for remote support and maintenance of your systems, so that troubleshooting can happen right when problems occur.

Inability to use your technology in a beneficial way will inevitably result in loss of productivity and revenue, so resolving IT problems in a timely fashion is of the utmost importance. You can rest assured that PBNJ will have a pulse on your infrastructure at all times, not only to ensure your IT systems are performing optimally, but to also immediately begin troubleshooting any unexpected problems. In addition to on-call support, PBNJ also provides on-going remote monitoring and proactive maintenance, in order to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

  • Vendor Relations

PBNJ have established long standing relationships with all of the major Internet, Hardware and Software suppliers in Canada. We will leverage these relations to obtain technology that best fits the specific needs of your organization, at the lowest prices available.

We are a “brand neutral” organization, with no preferred vendors or suppliers, and our goal is to always recommend technology that will specifically address your IT requirements. We don’t have battles between Mac vs. Windows, or Cloud-based solutions vs. in-house servers; our recommendations will always be based on your needs and optimal fit for your organization. As we become your liaison to the many technology vendors, you will never again have to worry about getting the best prices, or dealing with companies that are simply trying to get rid of their inventory. PBNJ will always obtain technology that is most useful to you.

  • Asset Management

Many organizations, often highly established, have no control over their IT assets. PBNJ will automate the inventory process and provide detailed information for the hardware and software that your organization owns.

There is frequent confusion about what technology is being purchased, how much money is being invested into hardware and software, and where these components are ending up. Hardware is misplaced, software becomes unused and often there is need for additional spending to compensate for this lack control. PBNJ will eliminate any confusion about the technology you are using and give you complete understanding of your IT assets.