Consulting Services

PBNJ has extensive knowledge and experience with many different types of IT infrastructures and networks.  We have worked with LANs of all sizes, as well as a wide range or WANs spanning all of Ontario and across Canada.  With this expertise we have the ability to analyse your network and not only point out inefficiencies and bottlenecks, but also provide effective recommendations for improvement, and have the ability to implement all solutions from start to finish.

The process starts by working closely with you to get a better understanding of what your needs are, and getting a grasp of what your organization is trying to accomplish.  We will then take a look at your existing infrastructure and perform a complete analysis of your IT systems.  As a result of this process all areas of concern will rise to the surface, where we will have the ability to not only point them out, but also have the ability to start looking at ways to address them.  We will discuss all options with you, and help you decide what the best way to move forward would be.  Once you have a good understanding of where your IT infrastructure needs to be, we will plan the implementation and deployment of the new systems.  With PBNJ’s experts in all areas of IT we will systematically upgrade the required components or perform a complete system overhaul.

Regardless of the path you choose, a few things will remain certain.  All of our solutions will be cost effective and scalable.  All of the technology we implement will always accommodate your current needs, but also give you ability to grow.  Each solution we deploy will be customized for your requirements, but will always be implemented using industry standard best practises.  Everything we implement is fully guaranteed and on-going support and maintenance of these systems will be available from PBNJ.