IT Infrastructure

  • Email Solutions

Email services are widely established as one of, if not the most important area of any IT infrastructure. Modern organizations cannot afford to be without reliable email services, specifically, email that is available from anywhere and on many different devices we use today. PBNJ will help you accomplish just that.

Messaging systems need to be secure and highly functional, since so much important information travels through email, including attached documents, voice-mails and web-links. Travelling users want to catch up on their email, open attachments, or respond to an important message. PBNJ provides many solutions for email services that will allow you to effectively collaborate from within your office, but also grant your users access to their email on the go, be it on their computers or mobile devices.

So much of today’s messaging services happen on smart-phones, and their seamless integration into your email system is of critical importance. PBNJ will ensure that all of your Inboxes remain well organized, integrated and interconnected to all your devices, so your productivity will not be compromised.

  • Networking

Seamless and secure integration of all your computers, office-to-office connections, as well as access to the cloud-based and on-line applications are critical to any business. PBNJ will ensure all your networking needs are met to support your communications and collaboration.

PBNJ will set up your internal networking and ensure optimal performance for all your applications. In addition we will help you select the appropriate Internet Service Provider, and help them deploy their services into a secure environment. Optionally, we can also help you choose the perfect wireless connection to allow more freedom for your internal connectivity.

  • Security

Getting high performance out of your IT systems is truly half the battle. It is equally important to ensure your data is secure and well protected. Malicious software and unauthorized users pose a serious threat to your organization and the Intellectual Property you own. PBNJ will help you ensure that your information is never compromised or attacked.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-SPAM services will help prevent any malicious software from destroying your data, and PBNJ will ensure that these systems are not only effectively deployed, but also maintained on an on-going basis. We will make sure that unwanted and unauthorized users never gain access to your internal information. PBNJ will deploy firewalls that will block all unauthorized access to your network, and help secure your information behind encrypted passwords, so that only the appropriate people can access your secure data.

Your organization’s security cannot be compromised, and PBNJ will ensure that your systems are safe and your information protected at all times.

  • Backups

Even the most secure and reliable systems are not immune to data loss. PBNJ will help you understand how backups work, and based on your requirements, help you select and implement a system that will keep the appropriate historical information of your data.

Accidental deletions and unintentional file overwrites can happen to even the most careful of users, and having a dependable backup system will ensure your organization never loses any information. Should any data be compromised, you can rest assured that a copy of your information can be safely retrieved and ensure your business continuance.

In addition PBNJ can help you set up your Disaster Recovery Plan. We provide disaster recovery solutions that will ensure you can effectively and efficiently restore your entire IT infrastructure in case of a major catastrophe. These solutions will ensure that all of your data, including files, emails, databases and applications, as well as any other information you own, is successfully restored to the state it was in before the disaster took place. PBNJ will help you prepare for the worst case scenario, rather than remaining idle and hope that it never occurs.

  • Virtual Office

Modern offices are no longer contained in one big room. Users are on the go, often working from home, client sites, hotels and many different locations all over the world.

In addition to accessing their email, users want to be able to securely access their documents, critical applications and even print to their office printers. Rushing back to your desk to get your work done is no longer an option – you need to be able to work from anywhere and be completely integrated into all of your IT systems.

PBNJ provides many different solutions to accomplish just that. Email and applications on the go, access to all of your data from multiple sources will be made available based on your requirements. PBNJ will go one step further and ensure that all of this occurs over a secure connection, so that you never have to worry about your data being compromised or intercepted. Work from anywhere and get your job done.